So our first full day in Edinburgh. We toured the castle and part of the Royal Mile including St Giles Cathedral. We went to the coffee shop where JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter…very cool. We then saw Greyfriars Bobby which was nice. We went on the tour of the Real Mary King’s Close in underground Edinburgh. A very nice day we loved it. One day more and we hope to got the Scottish National Gallery then to Holyrood Palace.


Fort William to Edinburgh….ending up with a drink with DCI Rebus

So we left Fort William this morning early on the 7:44am train which got us into Edinburgh about 1:00pm. We took a taxi to the B&B which is in 250 year old building.

it is a beautiful room….we then promptly took a short nap. The went out for a great dinner at Jamie Oliver’s Italian Restaurant. We dropped off Molly of at the room then Susan went with me for my pilgrimage…we went to the Oxford pub which is where Ian Rankin drinks. He also wrote that this is where DCI Rebus has his pint and whiskey. I was able to have a drink there and feel the presence of those books.

Culloden and Urquhart Castle




Today we started the day with a tour of Culloden Battlefield…I have to admit that

The changes that they have done to it to bring it back to how it would have been at the time of the battle. The new visitors centre highlights clearly how horrible it was when 1500 highlanders died in less then 1 hr. Very sad…from there we went to Urquhart Castle a ruin but a beautiful site over Loch Ness. In these photos are also a couple of photos of our lovely B&B in Nairn. Today we are back in Fort William and will leave first thing for Edinburgh by train. So just a few more days in Edinburgh then London on Friday then home on Saturday.




Skye and Nairn

Today we started the day in Skye. A truly spectacular place  with vistas that are hard to describe. I took a ton of photos with my camera that I can hardly wait to see when we get home. We then drove to Nairn via Western Ross through Inverness. We stopped at Cawdor Castle. A true Scottish castle in every sense of the word. Got some lovely pics which I share below.

Sorry it has been a few days since last post…

Today is June 1st and have just spent 3 days on Islay and traveled by ferry to Oban where we are tonight. Islay’s wifi was not so good so I could not connect well enough to post. Tonite however we are in a nice modern hotel and they have good wifi. I will post some photos later on if I can showing Islay and our trip to here.

Islay was spectacular and all three of us though so. We had a small rental  car which I bravely drove in around the island including down some single track roads that were barely 4ft wide in spots😳😳😳

We walked a lot and saw a lot. Some of it I will share in some photos in my next post.

We spend one nite in Oban then on to Fort William by train tomorrow.

Oban is quite beautiful but a lot more tourists. We hiked up to McCaigs Tower which had spectacular views. We then stopped in at the Oban distillery, no tour but we picked up a couple of nice things.

Tonight is a seafood dinner and a pint close by.

One last thing while we were on the ferry I noticed a couple of fruit machines. Thinking of Mum I spent £1….and I won £26 Mum would have been proud!!



Last Day in London

A short post as we are heading for a Scotland today. I will post more about our last few days in London once we get settled on Islay. But I wanted to share that last Sunday I lost my beloved flat cap at the National Gallery. So today as we had a little time to kill before our train we went back to Tratalgar Square and I tried the lost property office and low and behold it was there so on that great note we head off for Scotland this afternoon should be in Glasgow by late evening.

St Pauls


So Wednesday we started the day by taking the tube to St Paul’s. I have read about it and seen it many times in movies, TV and pictures…really did not prepare me for it. We spent over 2.5hrs there used an audio guide for the tour. The ceiling and the dome were just so beautiful and awe inspiring. To think that Christopher Wren spent most of his adult life working on it and is buried in the crypt just hard to fathom that kind of history. We walked up the 267 steps to the whispering gallery then the narrow 119 more to the Stone Gallery where we took some photos. They were not lying when the guide book said you see London in quite a different light then.

We then walked over the Millenium Bridge to go to the Globe Theatre to see “A Midsummer’s  Night Dream”. We sat in benches but were royalty as we did not have to be groundlings. The production was totally amazing we laughed and laughed. The cast was young and energetic. Puck was a young woman who was hysterical. The rest of the cast wore modern clothes and even though the language was Shakespeare it was somehow easier to follow. A great experience. We then we finished the day with a high tea at Harrod’s. Great day.










Harry Potter and Les Mis


imageWell yesterday started off with a bus tour to Warner Brothers studio Leavesden just North of London. This is where the Harry Potter experience is and we had tickets for the tour. It took about an hour by bus to get there…have to tell you that the traffic in this city is nuts so I am so glad someone else was driving.

Two very excited Pottermaniacs waiting for bus and entry into studio tour.


Then we went out for dinner in the theatre district and  show Les Mis at the Queen’s theatre. I have seen the production and own the movie but seeing a professional production in the West End well nothing can really compare.image


A truly amazing night and today we are off to tour St Pauls then to a matinee performance of A Midsummer Nights Dream. Nice way to spend a Wednesday.